General Tips

This is a list of general tips about programming and software development. The list isn't in any specific order.

This list also doubles as a reference for topics that I may want to write full articles about at some point.

Random Meta Stuff

  • If it isn't documented, it isn't done

  • Documentation isn't just for others, it's for you, too!

  • Always use version control

  • Don't be afraid to ask for help

  • IRC is a great resource

  • Make it work, then make it fast, then make it pretty

  • Rubber ducks are your friend

  • Remember to take breaks

  • Fix your posture!

  • Rest your eyes every so often

  • Use a blue light filter

  • Learn to use your tools properly, but don't become too dependent on specific ones

  • Solve problems on paper first

  • Be transparent

  • Write code as if your successor knows where you live

  • TODO never gets done

  • Don't try to over-engineer everything

  • Don't just think about code, but about data structures and their relationships

  • The amount of RAM you think you need is wrong

  • Remember to write unit and integration tests!


  • Collisions

    • To get the side of a collision, separate the x and y axis (makes the math easier)

      1. Move an object on the x axis

      2. Check for horizontal collisions

      3. Move the object on the y axis

      4. Check for vertical collisions

    • Figuring out where a colliding object came from

      • Position-based collision

        • Check current position of each object as well as the position on the previous frame

        • For each direction: is there a collision for this side and was there no collision on this side on the last frame?

        • This way, we don't have to worry about direction

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